Daily And Weekly Market News & Analysis: (Available in The Clients-Login-Area)

The Tendance: Daily economic newsflash on latest market developments.

CHF Info (German version) / Info CHF (French version): Weekly update & analysis of capital markets, macro-data and exchange rates.

Daily Morning Market Update
“The Tendance”
(English Version available)
  Weekly Capital Markets News & Analysis
“CHF Info”
(German and French Version available)

Quarterly Market Analysis & Research: «Reliable Market & Economic Analysis» (Available in The Clients-Login-Area)

The Market Focus:Quarterly economic analysis based on the current and future market situation. The goal of this study is to illustrate the impact of upcoming macroeconomic data on capital markets. Furthermore we provide you with the latest market expectations and forecasts.

Quarterly Market Analysis Bulletin
“The Market Focus”
(German and French Version available)

Weekly Strategies And Forecasts: «Fixed Income Strategies» (Available in The Clients-Login-Area)

Fixed Income Strategy: Technical analysis of the fixed income market.