Our Institutional Services desk is analyzing the potential needs of our clients in order to find and present possible solutions. We offer our advisory services in areas in which we are one of the main market players:

Financing & Credit Markets

Governmental Institutions and Corporations that do seek financing possibilities via the Swiss and European capital markets for various reasons like refinancings, investments or project financings can benefit from our professional advisory. We engineer flexible project financing operations that help companies to optimize their financing structure.

We can offer individual tailor-made solutions that optimize financial risks through structured credits, OTC Derivatives like Swaps, Swaptions, Caps, Floors etc. and other products.

One of our main advantages is that we are acting as a financial intermediate which enables us to be fully independent and to seek for the best available counterparty in the market. Further we are fully organizing all financial deals (introducing, negotiations, elaboration of legal aspects and execution) and are acting as a lead manager.

Investment Markets

We offer Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension funds, Private Banks and Companies new investment possibilities in the area of Private Placements, Short Term Deposits, Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives and Bonds.

Financial Risk Management

We support Corporations in elaborating alternatives to cover their assets and liabilities against future interest rate and credit risks fluctuations. Due to our dense and wide network we are able to find the best tailor made solutions existing in the markets. Our solutions can reach from using Standard-Derivatives to flexible Project Financing solutions in order to eliminate or minimize risks.